How to Make Money Online as a Graphic Designer

How to Make Money Online as a Graphic Designer
How to Make Money Online as a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is the practice or profession of combining words, pictures, and other visual elements to communicate ideas to an audience. It is also a communication design; it is a means of expressing ideas through imagery, visuals typography, color, form and design. Graphic design can also be seen as an activity to project visual communications meant to communicate specific messages to social groups with specified goals. It is both a profession and an applied art.

Each type of graphic design requires a particular set of abilities and design processes, despite the fact that they frequently overlap. Many designers concentrate on a specific type, while others concentrate on a group of related or comparable kinds. Designers have to be flexible and lifelong learners in order to change or add expertise during their careers because the industry is always evolving.
There are various forms of graphic design; each of these forms is with a specific area of competence, because there is no single best approach to accomplish that.

Types of Graphic Design

1. Branding Design

Branding design is a corporate design that focuses on a company’s visual identity. It is connection between the companies or group and it target audience. Graphic design for visual identity is the visual components of brand identity that serves as the public face of a company and conveys its intangible attributes through pictures, patterns, shapes and color. The designers need to be aware of both the audience and market messages that a business wishes to convey. Every element of branding design must support these objectives and blend in with the organization’s overarching style.

Examples of Branding Design




Business card

Company letterhead

2. Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design

Graphic design helps firms advertise and reach out to target audience more successfully since people will always find visual material more interesting. This helps to influence the purchasing decisions of their target audience, businesses rely on effective marketing campaigns. Good marketing helps satisfy people’s desires, needs and awareness with a given good, service, or brand.

To produce materials for marketing plans, marketing designers work closely together with business owners, directors, managers, or other marketing specialists. They might work independently or as a creative team. Designers can specialize in a particular form of media or provide a wide range of collateral for print, internet, and other platforms. Despite being primarily focused on print, this form of design now incorporates more digital components, especially for use in content marketing and digital advertising.

Examples of Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design


Posters, banners and billboards


PowerPoint presentations

Banner and retargeting ads

3. Publication Graphic Design

Publication design is a conventional design approach; examples include books, periodicals, newspapers, and catalogs. But there has been a considerable rise in digital publication recently. To create layouts with carefully selected typography and extra artwork, such as photography, graphics, and illustrations, editors and publishers work together with publishing-specific graphic designers.

Publication designers may work on a freelance basis, as staff members of design firm, or as internal employees of publishing companies. Publication designers need to be excellent communicators and planners. They must be adept at color management, printing, and digital publication in addition to graphic design.

Examples of Publication Graphic Design



Annual reports





4. Motion Graphic Design

To make everything from animated social media images to cartoons, animation and motion designers require specialized tools. The graphics that these designers produce can entertain viewers through TV shows or video games, promote a business’s social media presence, or instruct viewers through animated educational videos. To change their initial designs into fully animated works, animation designers work together to develop their creative concepts.

Put in a clearer way, motion graphics are static images in motion. The effects employed in online media and film can include animation, audio, images, video and so on. The popularity of the animation and motion graphic design has improved recently as a result of advancements in technology and the rise of video content.

Examples of Motion Graphic Design

Promotional videos

Video games


Tutorial videos

Animated logos

Cartoons and animations

Motion graphics

5. Product Design

To research, design, and develop new goods, product designers employ their creative skills. To ensure that their product appeals to the target market and doesn’t infringe on competitor’s copyrights, product designers will have to perform market research. Before putting their designs into production, they’ll first produce early sketches and prototypes.

Examples of Product Design

Various types of products,

Product packaging,

Marketing designs,

Product illustrations


Easy Ways to Make Money as a Graphic Designer

1. Create and Sell Printable

It’s simple to generate passive money as a graphic designer if you produce and market printable online using a service like Amazon or ebay or any other online shop. You could create printable on any topic you can imagine. The good thing about printable is that they are digital products, so all you need to do is automate your procedure to send a PDF copy of the printable right away once a customer makes a purchase.

2. Design Social Media Templates for Sale to Individuals or Companies

Designing Social media graphics are another way to make money as a graphic designer. You can create and sell varieties of social media templates such as Facebook Instagram, YouTube and Twitter Story or Highlight Cover templates, for individuals, or enter in contract with companies to create social media templates for product promotions and sales.

3. Create and Sell Graphic Templates

This is one of the surest ways to make money online as a graphic designer. This has been known to be a big market because of the high demand for graphic templates. However, this involves creating templates such as coloring book templates, book cover templates, website templates, Logo templates, poster and flyer templates, then sell them.
There are different websites where you can sell your templates like Creative Fabrica and Creative Market. It is important to note that only high quality templates, after their reviews, are accepted to be sold on these websites. This means you have to improve on your graphic skills and products.

4. Freelance Graphic Design Business

You can consider looking into a freelance designing business as a graphic designer. You can use your skills and experiences to provide graphic services to many clients. These may include website design, graphic design and other services you can render.

5. Sell Your Skill Online through Webinar

Teaching courses online is also one of the ways to earn money online. There are many courses online on different topic. You can offer online tutorials, workshops, trainings, or webinars for people online where you introduce them to “Graphic Designs” and “How to be a Graphic Designer.” You can teach the basic and make them subscribe for the advance class. This way, you can make money. You can also record your lectures and sell them online or share them on your YouTube Channel.

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