How to Use WhatsApp Business: Tips and Strategies

Whatsapp is one of the greatest tools for small businesses to optimize product sales. You may have questions like “How to Use WhatsApp Business to Generate more Sales?” or “Can I use WhatsApp Business on Multiple Devices for my Business?” All these and many more are covered here to help you promote your business and make more sales.

WhatsApp Business
How to Use WhatsApp Business: Tips and Strategies

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is an instant messaging app. It is an application dedicated to sharing instant messages among users. This means it was built with small business owners and small enterprises in mind. Anyone can find you on the platform through your phone number. Thus, the mobile number of a customer is enough to add him or her to build your contact lists.

WhatsApp Business makes your interactions with customers easy by providing tools to sort, automate and quickly respond to their messages. It’s important to note that it is also intended to feel and work the same way as WhatsApp Messenger. You can use it to do visually everything that you are used to doing like sending text messages, images/photos, videos, and audio files

WhatsApp Business is available in different mobile Operating Systems (OS) that are currently in existence. Presently, it is supported and recommended for use in the following devices: Android running OS 4.1 and newer, iPhone running iOS 12 and newer, KaiOS 2.5.0 and newer, including JioPhone and JioPhone 2.

The mobile instant messaging app was launched in 2018 to help Micro Small Businesses to interact with their customers or associates. It has become a useful tool for helping businesses increase their sales. 

However, it is important to consider adding a WhatsApp Business account to your business brand’s social strategy if you have not. 

Let’s explore why you need WhatsApp Business to promote your business online.  

How to Use WhatsApp Business

The app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store or Apple Store and installed on your mobile phone. You need internet connection to download and install the app.

The first step in downloading the application on your mobile phone is to click on the Play Store application on your smartphone to open. On the search bar, type “WhatsApp Business and select it. 

Click on the “Install” button to commence download. Click on the “Agree and Continue”. If you are interested in reading the “Terms of Service”, you can. Then, go back and click on “Agree and Continuebutton to continue the download. 

The next step involves verification of your mobile phone number. WhatsApp will need to verify your mobile phone number. To continue, choose your country. Enter your phone number and then click the “Nextbutton to continue. 

At this point, a 6-digit code will be sent to the mobile number you entered for verification. You can change or edit your mobile number if that is not correct. 

Continue by Selecting Allow WhatsApp Business to access your contact, photos, media, and files on your device. Create your business profile. This helps customers to get to know about your business. Enter your business Profile Picture, Name, and Services. Click on the “Next” button to bring you to the Main Menu Screen.

The Main Screen is as the “Home Page“. It displays the Main Menu, CHATS, STATUS, and CALLS. You can access the WhatsApp Business features from Main Menu.

5 Basic Strategies of Using WhatsApp Business to Increase Sales

WhatsApp Business is used to send messages, images, audio files, and video clips. It could be used by small business to connect with their customers if appropriate strategies are employed.

If you want required responses from your customers, appropriate methods should be put in place for creative ways to promote your business. Thus, anyone who wants to optimize product sales and profits from a business using WhatsApp Business must learn how to set up and use their features to strategically optimize sales.

Some of the basic WhatsApp Business strategies are discussed below:

1. Setting–Up Messaging tool

The messaging tools in WhatsApp Business allow you to promote your business using video clips, texts in different formats, visuals, and voice note records. You can introduce new products and offers directly to relevant customers using the messaging tools. These tools include Greeting message, Away messages, Quick replies, and Labels

The Quick replies can be setup as a tool for Customer Support Service to answer Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Using Profile Picture

WhatsApp Business Profile Picture is another strategic tool to promote your offers, latest products, and brands to your customers. Make sure the business profile picture you upload draws attention and attract more customers to engage in your product brand

3. Group Targeting

Creating different groups for your customers according to their interests helps you to start a discussion with them. Here, you can give the samples of your new product to use and ask them to send their feedback on the product.

One strategy is to create a group for customers with the same interest. You can engage your customers with your business campaign in different text or file formats – videos, images, audio, and texts.

4. Status Marketing

This is another WhatsApp Business strategy that can helps you promote your sales. You have to display your product or service images and video clips, Explainer videos, and texts on your status. This is at no cost.

Customers can view your status and contact you if they are interested in your products to buy. You can also display testimonials of customers who have used your products. This can also help you get more leads of customers interested in particular products or services and add them to a particular group.

5. Product Campaign

This is one of the most viable strategies to increase sales on WhatsApp Bussines. You can ask your customers to send pictures of them using your products in exchange for a discount. This helps a business to grow.

On your WhatsApp Business group, however, you can build leads of potential buyers and introduce your products or services to them.


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